Monday, April 23, 2012

SEALIFE Aquarium is claw-crushing fun for the whole family

As frequent visitors to LEGOLAND California, I can tell you that a day filled with LEGO is wonderful. However, when you combine LEGO and the ocean together you get SEALIFE Aquarium - even more fun for the family!

On a recent visit to LEGOLAND California, we took some time to see the SEALIFE Aquarium too. After the fascinating Octopuses Garden exhibit, we were excited to see what the new Claws exhibit had to offer.

Wow! I have never seen such huge lobsters and crabs. These animals are simply beautiful, especially the spider crab - and I learned so much about crabs. Like did you know that the Coconut Crab can exert five times the amount of pressure required to break a human bone? That's one strong crab claw!

Of course the rest of the aquarium is pretty cool too. Jellies, seahorses, eels, and LEGO sculptures.

SEALIFE Aquarium is a fun afternoon for the whole family, but why not make a day of it and visit LEGOLAND California too? You can buy a park hopper ticket to visit both, or if you are a member like we are, it only cost $15 to visit the SEALIFE Aquarium.

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