Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strengthening Family Bonds

Well, Spring Break is over. I have gone back to work. Dylan has gone back to school. No more staying up late and sleeping in. It's back to the daily grind of packing lunches and homework.
Sounds sad right?

It all depends on how you look at the situation. We both had so much fun over the break on our mini-vacation in San Diego (yes, I will be posting pictures and sharing soon) that we have decided to adapt to the vacation mode lifestyle. At least as much as we can and still manage to go to work and school.

Over the break we led a simple life. No real schedules, no hectic going from one place to another. We talked more - real conversations. We laughed more and I believe our bond as mother and son strengthened because my attention was focused on us. On our family. Not on what had to be done around the house or checking emails.

He said please and thank you more. He actually put things away without me asking him to. This went on the whole week of Spring Break and has continued. Was this my son? Why the sudden change?

Well, as with any change, it is best to look at what was done different in your daily routine. Knowing that I couldn't really count going to the San Diego Zoo, or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, or staying at a hotel for two nights, I had to think. What had we done different.

Ah yes, that was it. We were talking, not arguing. We were smiling, not pouting. We laughed instead of crying over hurt feelings. We treated each other with love and respect.

Something happened in San Diego, and I can't quite put my finger on it - but I'm not complaining.
I like adapting to a simpler life. Enjoying what each day brings and planning new things to do together - as a family. Because when all is said and done, the strength of a family can move mountains. Me and Dylan - we're moving some mountains.

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