About Us


My name is Michelle and I am the mom of the infamous Dylan! I am a coffee lover with a passion for conservation, wildlife and photography. 

Born and raised in Southern California, I am a true beach girl at heart with a desire to preserve our coastline and the environment. I grew up loving the ocean and dolphins - Now as a mother, my son has taught me a whole new love for animals and the planet that we call home. Dylan inspires me to do more - to be better. 

When not spending our days off at the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, we are learning more about conservation, recycling, and ways we can help save endangered species like the tigers and rhinos. 

I do my best to live an eco-friendly life and try to inspire others to do the same. Conservation is so important to me and Dylan and the first step to saving this planet is creating awareness. Making one person aware may seem small, but one person can make a difference. Basically, I'm just a simple girl trying to save the world.

Dylan is now 10 years old and continues to amaze me with his knowledge and compassion for the world around him. He loves to read (especially books about animals) and shares my love of drawing and photography. He also loves spending as much time as possible at the San Diego Zoo, where he is quickly learning all of the animals by name. His dream is to one day become a Zookeeper and work at the San Diego Zoo.

I hope this blog becomes a place for you to visit and come back often to say hello, share a similarity, find inspiration, learn about new places and most of all to see the world a little differently than you did before. Life With Dylan can be crazy, funny, joyous, frustrating, filled with laughter and sometimes tears ... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Do you have questions? Comments? Just want to say hello?

Email me directly mlynnfryer@gmail.com  
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