Thursday, July 30, 2015

When creativity and conservation come together

I have heard it said by many that conservation is not a hobby or something people take lightly. Rather, conservation is a way of life. A passion. I could not agree more with these statements. Over the years it has become very clear to me that conservation is something Dylan is very passionate about. While my viewpoints are obviously shared and discussed with him, he makes his own decisions about where he will focus his conservation efforts and ultimately his fundraising. In the past, the choice was not always an easy one to make, but it was fairly cut and dry with large goals of $1,000. Tigers, then leopards, then rhinos. As soon as one project was completed, he was ready to move on to the next. Throw in the occasional symbolic animal adoption and that was our life.

As Dylan continues to grow, so do his dreams of saving endangered species and changing the world. One project at a time just won't do anymore. There are too many endangered species out there that Dylan wants to help. We needed to come up with a plan, so over summer vacation we brainstormed. We listed all the programs that we wanted to support in the next year or two and started coming up with ideas. Ideas of how we could raise the money without asking friends and family for donations. Dylan thought it would be good to sell something instead of only asking for money. I agreed.

When creativity and conservation come together you get Creations4Wildlife. Inspired by the endangered species that we want to help save, we have designed several bracelets that we are selling as a way to raise funds to support our conservation efforts.

Each piece of the collection is handcrafted by me and Dylan and the profits will be donated to the designated non-profit organization. We are currently raising money for the Tiger Conservation Campaign, International Rhino Foundation, Rhino Rescue Center, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, and Red Panda Network. Every purchase gives Hope that these endangered species can be saved.

Working together on this new conservation project with Dylan has reminded me how important it is to never lose faith in your beliefs. No matter what the obstacles may be, another poaching story in the news or hearing that there are now only 4 northern white rhinos left, you just keep going.  Conservation is a way of life for us and I am confident that we can raise the funds and meet our goals. No question about it, this mother and son team are determined to make a difference for wildlife.

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Thank you for helping support our conservation efforts!

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