Family Bucket List

Well, here it is. The long awaited and much anticipated Family Bucket List. Dylan and I have been working on this for months and now it is time to start doing instead of only dreaming.

  1. Travel to Africa and go on a real safari
  2. Travel to Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears forever
  3. Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo 7-9-13
  4. Touch and feed a rhino 9-15-12
  5. Visit the San Francisco Zoo
  6. Spend 10 days in Maui (because a week is not enough) and see the humpback whales
  7. Buy a small home and live the simple life
  8. Visit the Georgia Aquarium to see the whale shark
  9. Travel to New York
  10. Visit the Point Defiance Zoo
  11. Spend the night at the San Diego Zoo (Zoo Sleepover)
  12. Spend the night at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Roar and Snore)
  13. Visit the Columbus Zoo
  14. Take a caravan safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park 10-13-12
  15. Visit the Australia Zoo
  16. Do hands-on work with San Diego Zoo Global   5-5-13
  17. Visit the St. Louis Zoo and say hi to Cinta
  18. Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon
  19. Take an Alaskan cruise
  20. See the Rocky Mountains
  21. Live long enough to see the end of poaching rhino horn and elephant ivory
  22. Watch the sunrise in Africa
  23. Take a picture of the sunset every month for one year 6-10-13
  24. Visit the California Redwood Forest 7-3-13
  25. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  26. Visit Indonesia and see an orangutan orphanage
  27. Travel to India and see a tiger in the wild
  28. Visit the rain forest and travel down the Amazon River
  29. See a real Tasmanian devil  11-27-13
  30. Hold a koala
  31. Meet Diego the Ocelot out of his exhibit at the San Diego Zoo 1-20-13
  32. See a pod of Orca whales in the ocean
  33. Visit Mek at the Fresno Zoo 7-1-13
  34. Walk on cobblestone streets
  35. See a California condor flying in the wild
  36. Have our name on a plaque at the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park  5-22-14

I'm sure we will think of more things to add to the list, so check back and see how we are doing.


  1. What a great list. I hope that you achieve all your dreams and more!

  2. Here's something to add to your list. Visit the butterfly trees in Pacific Grove, CA during the monarch migration.

  3. When you get a chance to head to Atlanta you BEST let me know so we can drive up to see you!