Friday, April 20, 2012

Planning a birthday party? Who doesn't love cotton candy?

Cookies, cake, ice cream, candy ... sure these all make wonderful treats for a birthday party, but are they ordinary? Dylan's birthday is coming up in July and once again, I have the daunting task pleasure of planning a party. Something that will wow my child and make him feel like the most special kid in the world. That's what we do right? As parents we tend to spend obscene amounts of time and money to make a child's birthday party better than the one we threw the year before. Right? You know this sounds familiar to you. 

Last month I attended a Birthday Party Bootcamp - How to Plan and Host the Perfect Birthday Party at the OC Mart Mix and was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered. Pink, fluffy, sugary cotton candy - 

Yes, that's what I remembered from my childhood. What child wouldn't love cotton candy at their birthday party? So although my son is still undecided on where his party will take place, I have finalized the sweet sugary goodness that will fill the kids tummies. 

Dolly's Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy is the cutest concept for any party or special event when you want to make people smile. The owner, Krista Thompson, is as sweet as can be and just look at the pink cart - adorable!

Dolly's Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy offers nine classic cotton candy flavors and seven organic flavors, surely I can find a color/flavor to match the theme of Dylan's party. Plus, Krista will create custom labels for my event if I choose to have to-go tubs.  

There is something about cotton candy that simply makes me giddy - like a kid again. I think I need to come up with a reason to have a party before my son's birthday in July just so I can have more of Dolly's Sweet Dream Cotton Candy!

Be sure to visit for more details on how you can book an event and "like" Dolly's on Facebook to see the latest pictures from parties where fluffy cotton candy has created smiles on the faces of children (and adults too). 

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