Saturday, April 21, 2012

I planted a tree ... My tree

If you have children, then you probably know about the little seedling that comes home from school in 3rd grade in honor of Arbor Day. Well, 34 years ago I brought home one of those little seedlings and cared for it until it grew big enough to put in a real pot. Then my Dad transplanted it into a larger pot - a big wooden crate one if I remember correctly.  With a little water, sunlight, and love my tree continued to grow.

My tree grew so big that when I was in the 8th grade it was time to transplant it again. This time we planted it in the earth - where it would grow and thrive.

My tree has provided oxygen to the planet. A home for squirrels and birds. Shade for the plants growing beneath it. Even more than the wonderful things my tree did for the environment, my tree was something that I could watch grow year after year. My tree provided a great story for people who came to the house.

My parents recently decided to sell their home. No reason to have a huge 5 bedroom house when all the kids have moved out, so they are downsizing. Aside from the memories of my childhood home, I can't help but wonder, what will happen to my tree? Will the new owners keep the tree or will they, it hurts to even say it, cut it down? It's way to big now to transplant.

I cannot control what happens to my tree anymore, but I can start a new tree with the seedling my son brought home a few weeks ago. I can start making new memories. Start nurturing a new home for animals.

If your child didn't bring home a tree, that's all right. Go to your local nursery or nature center and buy a seedling of your own. Nurture it, water it, and love it. Plant your seedling and watch it grow.

Who knows, maybe one day your tree will grow to be as big as my tree - or maybe even bigger.

This picture was taken from the street to show the size of the tree in comparison to the 2-story house.
Tomorrow is Earth Day and I urge you to plant a tree.

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