Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Vacation - Day 3 at @LEGOLAND_CA

Last day of summer vacation. So far two days and two parks ... can we make it three parks in three days?

Of course we can ... how could we drive right past one of Dylan's favorite places and not stop?

Besides animals, my son is addicted to all things LEGO ... and his face lights up every time we visit LEGOLAND California!

First stop, The Studio Store, to see what new STAR WARS items might be available. He didn't even make it into the store before he spotted something he wanted. I foresee a very clean room in his future to earn enough money to buy this one!

However, he did have enough money to buy a coveted Lego Minifigure. Of course, we had to open it right away to see which one it was.

Woo-hoo, Hockey Player! He doesn't have that one.

A little stop to play at Water Works in DUPLO Village before hitting Fun Town.

We have arrived ...

Next to the LEGO Factory Tour and the LEGO Club House, Adventurer's Club is Dylan's favorite stop in Fun Town. I still get amazed at how these little pieces of plastic are made every time we walk through the LEGO Factory.

You will be astonished at what can be done with LEGO's as you journey through the Amazon rain forest, ancient Egypt, and the Arctic in search of the mysterious keys.

The newest addition (besides STAR WARS Miniland) is the LEGOLAND Water Park. Sadly, this was not on the agenda today. Next time for sure!

You're never to old to ride a LEGO helicopter!

Working our way around the park we came upon some swashbucklers in Pirate Shores ...

Splash Battle has got to be the funniest ride for me at LEGOLAND. Where else can you climb aboard a pirate ship in pirate-infested waters and shot total strangers with the biggest water gun you've ever seen? Not to mention get shot at by total strangers. The laughter and the screams start the minute you set foot on the ship and let me tell you ... You will most definitely get WET! This is the perfect ride for a hot summer day.

Since we were already wet from head to toe, and Dylan was coincidentally wearing his bathing suit, we walked off Splash Battle and went right over to Soak-N-Sail. Talk about seeing kids happy ... this is a place where you will hear nothing but squeals and laughter.

We actually spent over an hour at Soak-N-Sail. Dylan had so much fun!

Even though we have seen the LEGO STAR WARS Miniland six times, it just wouldn't be a trip to LEGOLAND without seeing it again. If you thought the LEGO designs in Adventurer's Club were cool, wait until you see what they have done with the scenes form your favorite Star Wars movies!

Yes, the Ewok village is actually built in the trees!

For all of you that have children who dream of working at LEGOLAND as a Master Builder and building these amazing designs for others to enjoy, I highly recommend going to The Model Shop. Here you can see Master Builders at work and the shelves of LEGO pieces seem to go on forever!

Future LEGOLAND Master Builder

There is so much to do and see at LEGOLAND ... it seems like every time we come here we do something different. Today it was playing in the water and spending time in the SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium.

We have not been to the aquarium since the opening of the Octopus Garden so Dylan was very excited!

Before going of the next section of the SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium, we stopped at the touch pools. Dylan always tries to find a sea cucumber.

Leave it to LEGOLAND to have actually LEGO sculptures inside of the aquariums!

Dylan got so excited when he saw this fish that I thought something was wrong. Mom, Mom, Mom ... it's a Humu­humu­nuku­nuku­āpuaʻa! In other words, it's a Trigger fish (the state fish of Hawaii). Dylan has been fascinated by this fish since he was 3 years old and learned how to say it in Hawaii.

What better way to end a vacation then with a delicious rooftop lunch at the Ocean Journey Cafe? As you exit the aquarium, you walk right into this great cafe. They have the best food here and the prices are very reasonable! Come to think of it, all LEGOLAND restaurants have great food. I have never been disappointed with the food here.

Dylan had the Sliders.

I had the Caesar Salad.
 With full tummies and more memories of another wonderful summer vacation it was time to hit the road. As we were walking to the parking lot I saw this Coke machine and just had to take a picture. Only at LEGOLAND would you see this. I love it!

Good-bye LEGOLAND ... see you soon!

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