Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Vacation - Day 1 at @SanDiegoZoo

A few weeks ago Dylan and I packed our bags for a fun-filled vacation in San Diego. The goal was to leave all computers and work at home and just have fun! Three parks in three days - World Famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego, and Legoland California - can we do it? Of course we can, we have annual passes to all three! Nothing was going to stand in our way.

We left home early on a Tuesday morning and drove straight to the San Diego Zoo. Yes, we were just there last month, but this time we were on a mission ... to see the baby tiger cubs!

We walked right to the Lost Forest, but sadly, the tiger cubs were not out on exhibit this morning. However, there is always something to learn when you are at the San Diego Zoo!

Did you know that you can find parts of the Rain Forest in your Cupboard? All of the products in this display come from some sort of plant found in the Amazon Rain Forest.

From Tiger Trail, we headed to Hippo Trail and we got to watch the Momma and Baby Hippo play for about 20 minutes!

We even managed to get his cute video of the Momma Hippo teaching the Baby a thing or two.

Dylan loves the area by the Hippo exhibit. He always wants to climb in the tree and pose for pictures on the bronze hippo sculpture. I think I have about 20 pictures on this hippo (spanning over 6 years) Yes, I guess you can say we go to the zoo often ... but it's always worth it to see the look on Dylan's face when he is near animals.

Now off to the Discovery Outpost Children's Zoo to see all sorts of cute and furry animals.

Black Marmoset

Playful Meerkats

Scarlet Macaw Parrot
Now as much as Dylan loves our next stop, I normally choose to wait outside ... but he begged me to come inside the Insect House. The least I could do was take some pictures for him.

And if this wasn't enough to show how much I love my child, we headed over to the Reptile House next! However, this time I stayed on the outer edge and handed the camera over to Dylan. These are a few of the pictures he took.

There was one little guy that I thought was kinda cool though ... well, maybe not so little.

Green Tree Frog

Feeling a little hungry after the long drive and walking around the zoo for 3 hours we stopped at the Safari Kitchen for lunch. They have the best burgers! Not to mention some brightly colored neighbors.

Dylan was so excited about staying in a hotel (it's the little things you know) that we decided to drive over to the hotel and check-in, give our feet a rest, and maybe hit Sea World for some night time fireworks!

But that's for another post ...

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