Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LEGO Club Weekend at @LEGOLAND_CA

Another week, another visit to LEGOLAND, California! This time was extra special though because it was LEGO Club Weekend; which means lots of fun stuff, a special brick, and a scavenger hunt in Miniland USA for little green creatures, and what else ... LEGO's.

LEGO Club Weekends are a blast because you never know what is going to be in store for you when you walk through the entrance. The first thing we saw was a black and green table with a crowd of people around it. Better stop by ... here they were promoting LEGO Club Magazine (it's free ya know) and the LEGO Club Weekend Alien Conquest Scavenger Hunt. Even though Dylan already subscribes to the magazine, they still gave him a copy of the latest LEGO Club Magazine and a LEGO Club pin to wear.

Before hitting the scavenger hunt, we wanted to get our special LEGO Club Weekend Alien Conquest brick, so we headed over to the LEGO Club House located in Fun Town.

Dylan stopped to 'rock out' with the rocks

and to take a spin around town.
 LEGOLAND was offering these special Alien Conquest bricks with a check-in on Foursquare. So cool!

We also took advantage of the LEGO Club Member 'buy one, get free Coca-Cola Freestyle Beverage' inside the LEGO Club House. This freestyle beverage machine is so much fun. Everything is a touch screen. I was so excited about using it, that I forgot to take a picture ... so you will just have to trust me on this one.

Working our way around the park to Miniland USA for the scavenger hunt, we had to make one more stop.

Seen any pirates around here? Calling all landlubbers and scallywags ...

Can you tell Captain Cranky's Challenge is one of his favorite rides?

Such a drama dude. He love's playing dead inside this shark.

On to the Alien Conquest Scavenger Hunt in Miniland USA. For those of you who don't know what Miniland USA is, here a few pictures. Keep in mind, these are all made from LEGO's!

You can see how big these are in comparison to Dylan!

So among all of these amazing LEGO sculptures we had to find 29 little green aliens or blue space police that were holding letters. Once we found them, we had to unscramble the letters to crack the secret code. If you look closely, you can see one on top of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Yes, that's how tiny they were ... real LEGO minifigures!

Here are three of the 29 we found ...

With our scavenger hunt complete, it was time to head back to the entrance so Dylan could drop his sheet in the box for a chance to win some awesome Alien Conquest LEGO's.

Thanks for another great day LEGOLAND!

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