Friday, August 5, 2011

Date Night at #Disneyland

This week has been so crazy with basketball camp and science projects that I thought it was time for a mother and son date night. Disneyland style!

So last night with no planning, we grabbed our annual passes and headed to the "Happiest Place on Earth" for some fun and laughs. Just the two of us. No backpacks, no sunscreen, no camera (well, we had the cell phone, but not the real camera). We normally go to Disneyland during the day and Dylan is wiped out by 7 or 8 pm, so this was a whole new experience for him. Disneyland after dark.

Since we haven't been to Disney California Adventure Park in a few months, we started there.

With all the construction going on for the new attractions we couldn't take our normal route, so we walked around the long way ... which turned out to be a fun adventure at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

Dylan was excited because when we have come before this area is so crowded. Tonight it was perfect. Not too many kids and Dylan got to have some fun - Wilderness Explorer Style!

Um, watch out for these stinky critters ...

Dylan had the best time running through the area and all the moving bridges. The only bummer was we were too late to get the Wilderness Explorer Badge. (The last ceremony is at 4:30 pm - next time for sure)

Dylan even got to connect with his true "Animal Spirit" ...

After spending a good hour at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail it was Mom's turn to pick something. If Dylan only knew what he was in for ...

My 8 year-old LEGO loving, Star Wars fanatic, 100% boy was about to go under the sea on the ride I have been dying to go on since it opened. Yes, The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure I have the best son ever! He huffed and puffed, but I know that he secretly enjoyed the ride.

I went right into Little Mermaid mode, singing along and eyes wide open like a child. I was so entranced, trying to take everything in that I totally forgot to take pictures on the ride! haha

The payback for going on the ride with me was that he got to ride the dolphin (my all-time favorite animal) on King Triton's Carousel of the Sea

We had a wonderful mother-son date night and will definitely do this again soon!

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