Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Zoo ... Again?

What, you want to go to the San Diego Zoo again?

But we were just there. Oh wait, that was 6 weeks ago.

Yes, it must be time for another visit. Besides, this time was different because our friend Paul was coming down from Big Bear and going with us. Boy, if I had only known what I was in for with these two goofballs!

Anything and everything from insulting Mom, to water-spitting fights, to jumping out and scary each other, to attempting to 'read' the map and get us around the zoo with the least amount of back tracking, while still seeing everything!

So much for a relaxing day at the zoo ... geesh!

As usual, we started at the reptiles and insects. Only this time Dylan got to have a first hand look at a stick bug. Thankfully it was only a stick bug and not one of the many other creatures they could have pulled out like the Hissing Madagascar Cockroach or the giant Bird-eating Tarantula!

Well, now that we've seen the creepy crawlies it's time for a trek to see all the other animals. 

Time to stop for some lunch at Dylan's favorite spot high above the trees and monkeys. This is where the two decided to plan out our route ... scary. Little did I know this was going to be a full 8 hour day walk through the zoo!

Although Dylan doesn't remember, these bronze gorilla sculptures were another one of his favorite places to stop and play when he was a toddler. This is where his love of animals all started.

Now on to some other primates. Paul and Dylan seemed to enjoy these furry friends the most.

Getting up close and personal. Male bonding at its best ...

This orangutan was hilarious. At the bottom of the glass was a piece of black rubber, like a piece of weather stripping or something. A small piece was missing and this big guy proceeded to pick up a leaf of some sort and start digging away.

His hands and fingers were so human-like. Especially the way he used his fingernails (if that's what you call them) to pick the piece of rubber out and break it off. After all this work, he put the rubber strip in his mouth and decided it didn't taste too good.

And what would a trip to the zoo be without Rhinos and Giraffes?

My personal favorite ... the reason I go to the San Diego Zoo ... Koalas!

Now, the last few times Dylan and I have gone to the zoo he has begged me to let him go on the bungee bounce contraptions they have recently added. Just another way to get you to spend money right? This area use to be a nice grass resting spot where Dylan would run around and play, but now it is where he wants to bungee ... and this trip I let him! Thankfully Paul was there to help get him going higher and higher.

Just as I stopped recording, Dylan actually did a back flip. The look on his face was priceless. He wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or cry. I think it surprised him as much as it surprised us!

We had a great day and made more memories of Dylan's favorite place to spend the day. His home away from home with all of the animals that he loves so much ... and his 'rock'

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