Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Coveted Boba Fett Slave I

Yes, another Lego posting. But this one is different ... the biggest one yet that Dylan built entirely on his own. He has been eyeing this particular Lego (Boba Fett's Slave I) for some time now and he finally had enough money saved up to buy it. Well, ok ... almost enough money. I pitched in $25 as an early birthday present and he had the other $40. The remaining $15 was paid with Lego VIP points and an additional 10% discount for showing our Legoland pass when we made the purchase at the Lego Store.

After opening the box and sorting out all the bags he prepared himself by taking a deep breath and letting me know that he would need to be left alone so that he could concentrate.

With bag 1 opened and sorted onto paper plates he began what would be a 5 hour Lego project.

I thought it would be fun to capture a picture every 30 minutes to watch his progress.

30 minutes 

1 hour 

1:30 hours 

2 hours
It's now 9:30 pm. Time for bed, but he will start again as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

Bag #2 opened and ready to go

3 hours

Bag #3 ready to go - 3:30 hours

4 hours

4:30 hours - almost done!

5 hours and it's finally done

Dylan was so proud of himself after building this Boba Fett Slave I. He kept reminding me that it had 573 pieces and was for ages 9-14

Life is so much better with LEGO's

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