Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dylan's Lego Birthday - Part 1

Last week was Dylan's 8th birthday and the festivities seemed to go on forever. Maybe that is why I kept putting off writing this blog post. Or maybe it is because I was hoping for something a little more exciting to write about. So much time and preparation went into planning Dylan's LEGO Birthday party. Everything he wanted, I somehow managed to make happen. The only thing I couldn't do was make people show up!

Yes, I said it, people didn't show up to his party. I wonder what posses a parent to RSVP with a yes and confirm via email only days before the party and then not show up. No call, no email, no text ... nothing. Only three kids showed up and two of them were twins, so that doesn't really count. So basically, two people showed up out of the seven who said they would be here. Well, we made the best of it and still had fun!

The living room was transformed into a Lego-wonderland and the kids had time to build whatever they wanted. Some of the creations were great! We even had a jar filled with Lego's and the person who guessed the closest to how many Lego's were in it won a prize. I knew there was a good reason for Dylan to own so many Lego's.

Next we played Lego Bingo with a great template I found  from Amy at LivingLocurto.com The kids loved this game so much that we played three times! Since all the kids didn't show up, I had extra prizes to give away ... see I found one positive already!

Using Lego mini kits we also had races to see who could build the kit the fastest. However, I was so busy watching the kids that I forgot to take pictures of this. Oops!

Mini Corn Dogs, Cheese Balls, and Fresh Fruit
Cake designed by Dylan - Made by Mom

All in all, the kids had a good time. The birthday kit from the Lego Store was huge hit with kids too!

I guess the mom in me just feels bad that my son couldn't have had a better party. The party that he had dreamed about.

Is there something wrong with home birthday parties? Do parents only want to go if the party is at a pool or a bounce house like Jump 'n Jammin? Do I need to pay hundreds of dollars on a game truck and invite 30 people to get kids to come to my son's birthday party? A birthday party is not a place to drop off all your kids (siblings included) so you can have the day to yourself. A birthday party is for the birthday child and his or her friends.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. Home bdays are awesome!! Eli wants a lego birthday and I think I'll be copying the lego bingo and guess the # of legos games!!

  2. Kara Noel - The Lego Bingo was a huge hit! There was also another game, but we didn't have time for it. Who can build the tallest tower without it falling over. This is a timed game.