Sunday, July 31, 2011

#Lego Minifigures Come to Life

Wondering what to do with all those Lego Minifigures your child has collected? You know, the ones that come in those shiny little bags ... the ones you have to feel and desperately try to guess which one is inside?

Well, Dylan spent almost all day creating his very own scenes for some of his favorite Lego Minifigures. He still amazes me at what he can create with these little plastic bricks.

Surfer Girl riding a wave. This one is my favorite and I have been told that I can take it to work and put it on my desk.

Werewolf howling at the moon in a graveyard.

Frankenstein coming out of a grave.

Hockey Player scoring the wining goal on the ice.

Sailor and Fishing Lawn Nome lost at sea.

Looks like he caught a shark and was using chum as his bait. (That would be the red stuff in the water)

High above the water looking out for sharks.

Hazmat Guy rescuing the Tennis Girl from a contamination at the tennis courts.

Sumo Wrestler vs. Karate Man in a Japanese hut burning into flames.

It is Dylan's dream to work at @Legoand_CA and build his creations.

All descriptions of these Lego sculptures were given by Dylan.

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