Monday, July 18, 2011

He's at it Again!

Rocks, Minerals, and Geodes - oh my! The boy is at it again. After getting a few rocks and crystals at Cub Scout Day Camp, Dylan became fascinated with a new found hobby. Then during his first week at the Environmental Nature Center Summer Camp he received 2 more rocks. It wasn't long before he had to buy a little book and his very own geode to crack open.

What a fun way to spend the afternoon with him. We had the hammer, the newspaper, the geode, and of course the camera ready to go. It took us about 10 minutes to crack this little rock, but what we found inside was beautiful.

The crystals shimmered in the sun and what appear to be little snowballs to the naked eye are actually small crystals when you look under a magnifying glass.

Knowing how much Dylan loves to do research on the internet, we found a great site where he could look up other types of rocks and crystals to add to his collection.

Do you have a child interested in rocks and crystals? If so, check out The Kids Corner at Rock Crystals site.

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