Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Getting Back to Basics ...

  1. My favorite color is ... BLUE! Any shade of blue. Light blue, dark blue, ocean blue, sky blue, even through in a little aqua blue and I'm a happy girl!
  2. My travel destination of choice is ... Hawaii. I love the islands! Don't need much, just my beach towel, sunscreen, iPod and a good book. Island life is the best.
  3. My favorite food is ... strawberries at the moment. They are my go-to food in the summer and I get all excited when I see the baskets for only 99 cents in the market.
  4. My happy place is ... the beach. When I need to refresh or reconnect with myself I always go down to the beach. Walk in the sand, feel the waves wash up on my feet, smell the salty air, watch the sunset ... Yes, this is most definitely my happy place!
  5. My favorite saying is ... "Everything happens for a reason" Sometimes I don't understand at the time, but give me a few weeks or months and then I say to myself, yep, everything happens for a reason. I have either grown because of it or something better comes along.
  6. My dirty little secret is ... just that, MY dirty little secret. ;)
  7. Something friends might say about me is that I ... never give myself enough "me time" I try, but there is always something to do for Dylan or for my business, Shel Cosmetics. And honestly, I would rather be doing these things than spending time alone. Trust me, I sneak in "me time" when nobody is looking.
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