Monday, February 21, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance ...

Lowering the flag
To complete Achievement #2, Your Flag, Dylan needed to lower and raise the U.S. flag from a flag pole and learn how to fold the U.S. Flag. Lucky for us, my parents have a full size flag pole in front of their house and Grandpa was more than happy to teach Dylan what he needed to know.

I just happen to have my camera with me yesterday when the impromptu flag ceremony took place. I only wish Dylan had been in his uniform, or at least something nicer looking than sweats! Watching my Dad teach Dylan how to fold a flag was great. I was so proud of him.

Since this week is President's Week, Dylan is off school and we have decided to spend time working on Cub Scout Achievements. Art projects, cooking projects, nature hikes, all sorts of fun activities together.

Learning to fold the flag

Almost done

See Mom, told you I could do it.

Raising the flag

Long may she wave

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