Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He Doesn't Need "Mommy" Anymore

I am not quite sure when this first started happening, but now it is a daily occurance. My little boy is growing up and demanding his privacy. No more leaving the bathroom door open. Not only does he close the door, but he informs me beforehand that he will be locking the door. He doesn't get dressed in his room anymore, now he goes into the bathroom, closes the door and gets dressed in private. Not sure why he can't just close his bedroom door and get dressed in there.

The latest development in our household is the use of bright orange traffic cones. I guess the signs on his bedroom door were not clear enough. Now my son has lined up cones at the base of his door and hung a dreamcatcher on his doorknob (this will make noise if I try to open door) to make sure I stay out. Last night I was instructed to read the signs outloud to him and promise to always knock before I come in. At first I was like, wait ... what do you mean I have to knock? Then I remembered being a child and loving it when my door was closed. Not that we are doing anything important, but the idea of having the door closed and being in your own little world is kind of cool. However, I do not remember doing this until I was 9 or 10 years old; Dylan is only 7!

I want him to have his own identity and I know he is growing up, but it is hard letting go of my little baby. Oh, and one more thing I was told ... "I think I am just going to call you MOM from now on"


  1. OMG the traffic cones are soooooooooo cute ... but I am so not looking forward to this stage ... I like being called mommy :)

  2. Yes, it is sad that I am no longer a "Mommy" but "Mom" is kinda cool too. Now we watch the Food Network together instead of Disney Channel!