Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Learning Experience

So after Friday's Fill-In-The-Blank, I was craving sauteed shrimp and pasta. Since shrimp is one of Dylan's favorite foods I thought I would surprise him. The perfect ending to a perfect day. Within 15 minutes we went from freshly bought shrimp to a delightful dinner.

About and hour after dinner I notice Dylan's cheeks are bright red. Hmmm, now what did he eat. It couldn't possibly be the shrimp, because he has been eating shrimp since he was 3 years old and loves it. I have flashbacks to when he was a toddler and this would happen when he ate eggs. Quick, find the Benadryl and everything will be fine. No Benadryl to be found. Not a big deal, it will go away like it always does. 

Wrong! About 30 minutes later he is itching his legs and arms. When a lift his sweatpants I find hives and his ankles are swelling. The rash is moving up his arms and his hands are swelling now too. Not good. OK, it's about 10:30 pm now and I need to figure out where the closest 24 hour CVS is. Oh, and did I mention it's pouring down rain? After calling for reinforcement, aka my Mom, I am reminded how fast allergic reactions can spread. So we decide to head over to Hoag Hospital. Thinking I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but better to be safe than sorry.

It's now 1:00 am and we are waiting for the doctor in the Emergency Room. Oh, how I wish I could have crashed out like Dylan. The doctor confirms this is anaphylaxis, in English, an allergic reaction. After a shot of epinephrine, a dose of Prelone, and a dose of Benadryl we are told to wait 20 minutes while they monitor Dylan's heart rate. Talk about a mother's state of fear when you watch your child's heart rate go from 84 to 145. Apparently, this is what the epinephrine does. All is now well and we were sent home at 2:30 am with a prescription for Prelone. Dylan barely remembers a thing because he slept through the entire ordeal.

Just another day in my Life with Dylan.

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  1. oh that is so so so scary ... so glad he is alright ...