Monday, February 7, 2011

How Much Is Too Much?

After school sports and clubs, Cub Scouts, homework, reading, chores ... when do you say enough is enough? Do mom's really have time for all this, or is it just because I am a single mom who works full time that I find this all a little crazy? Sure, we want our kids to be well rounded and participate in a variety of activities to find out what they really like, but when do they actually have time to be a kid? Dylan has tennis on Wednesday after school, Science Club on Thursday after school, Cub Scout activities and badges to earn, and about 40 minutes of homework plus a minimum 30 minutes of reading each night. I feel bad making him do chores and clean up his toys all the time because then he would have no time to play outside, watch TV, or play his video games. Now I know that TV and video games are not a priority, but the poor kid has been in school all day and then comes home to do more work. Kids need an outlet just like adults do.

Almost every time he asks the kids next door to play they say they can't play. Their mom has them in so many different activities (Art class, Music lessons, Singing lessons, Soccer, Running Club, and who knows what else) that these kids have no time to just PLAY. Is playing a thing of the past? Am I a bad mom because I don't sign Dylan up for everything under the sun?

I let him choose what he wants to do and he likes the activities he does. Cub Scouts is something that he enjoys with me and his Grandpa and the after school activities are teaching him new things and sportsmanship. We spend time on weekends doing art projects at home, puzzles, and he enjoys cooking and baking with me. So why sign him up for another class to learn art when I can do it with him and spend quality time together?

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