Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cool Cuts for a Cool Kid

Dylan has disliked haircuts since his very first one and we have tried everything from Mom cutting his hair to Supercuts to overpriced salons. Since he likes to wear his hair a little on the long side, his hair doesn't need to be cut as often and this helps. But his hair is so thick that it can start to look a little 'bushy' and 'shaggy' ... he has the perfect 'girl hair' we all dream of. Well, today I just couldn't take it anymore and told him we were getting his hair cut. I thought we would give another kids salon a try; one that we have not been to before, but that I have heard good things about. So we headed over to Cool Cuts 4 Kids on 17th Street in Costa Mesa.

Front View Before
Back View Before

Wow, this place is COOL! Video games at each station for the kids to play while they get haircuts. And the lady was so good about not getting in his way when she was cutting his hair. I am impressed. Dylan sat there for a full 20 minute haircut without flinching, whining, crying, complaining ... nothing but silence. This place has it all figured out and with very reasonable prices. ($19)

Haircut is done, but Dylan is still playing his video game!

Dylan is happy and Mom is happy. I definitely recommend Cool Cuts 4 Kids. 
Where do you take your kids for haircuts?


  1. This is where we've taken Sam since his first haircut at around 10 months or so. He's never put up a fuss or anything - he loves getting his haircut. SO grateful for this little salon! :)

  2. OMG his hair cut is soooooooooooo cute ... I love it!!!