Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Reader

If you follow this blog, you probably already know how much Dylan loves to read. So you can only imagine how much he loves visiting the library. We are very lucky to have a wonderful library only 5 minutes from the house and we visit the Newport Beach Public Library at least twice a month. He gets so excited when we walk in that he runs for the children's section. I have to keep reminding him that along with no loud voices, there is no running in the library. He knows right where the animal section is and has recently learned how to use the computers to find books he wants to read.

The public library is such a wonderful place to take your children. Rain or shine, the library is a place where children can learn and get lost in a world of reading. Libraries can also help teach children responsibility when they check out books to take home.

Checking out his books

Only a few books this week ... Notice a theme?

How often do you take your children to the public library?

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