Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Son the Photographer

Over the past few nights I have been going through Dylan's photographs from the last year. Yes, I am a year behind on photos. I have been editing his pictures, posting some of his favorites to a photo group we belong to, and uploading them to his Flickr account. Some of his photographs, well, they are really good. I only wish I had been doing this sooner.

Dylan has come such a long way from when he first started taking pictures and I have really enjoyed watching him grow as a photographer. He takes his time now and thinks about the image in his mind. Sure, there are still those times when the picture is out of focus or a head gets cut off, but for the most part he is a pretty darn good photographer for being only 10 years old.

My favorite is when he takes a picture and says, "Hey mom, is this one any good?" Like he took a really bad picture, but then smirks because he knows that he just nailed it!

Tigress Danai
Sharing a love for photography with my son is wonderful and not something that I anticipated. It's the hobby that quickly became an obsession and now we don't go anywhere without at least one camera.  Dylan is starting to use Instagram more and loves leaving comments on others Flickr photos.

He is learning to use words like contrast, depth of field, clarity, and composition. I look forward to seeing what he photographs this year. Because after all, the possibilities are endless when you give a child a camera.

Photos by Dylan Fryer

To see more of Dylan's photographs visit his Flickr page.

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