Friday, January 3, 2014

Animal Conservation and Philanthropy - It's in the Family Crest

If you ever had doubts concerning how much my family cares about animal conservation, what you are about to read will chase those doubts away. I am sure you have figured out that conservation is pretty much what makes the world go around for Dylan, but this ... well this is something that even I didn't see coming.

Dylan had a homework assignment that he was to complete over the winter break. He had to create his own family coat of arms using symbols, animals, and colors from a sheet his teacher gave him. Each item gave a description or a meaning of what it stood for. Here is what Dylan created as our family coat of arms.


Flaming Heart 


       Hope and Joy


The words I understood. They seemed like wonderful words to describe our family and I was proud of what he chose. Being that he is so passionate about animal conservation, I was not surprised that he chose animals for two of his sections. It wasn't until I read his explanation on the back of the poster board that I realized he had just created the perfect coat of arms for our family.

"My coat of arms shows my families love for philanthropy. My blue and green checkerboard shows that my family keeps all of our promises to conservation; and our hope and joy for conservation. The bear shows our families protectiveness of all animals we come across. My pelican shows my families devotion to save animals near and far. My flaming heart shows our passion for anything wildlife related."

Like I said, you can remove all those doubts from your mind. Dylan has now put it in writing and created a family coat of arms that I am proud to display.

We are a family that believes in conservation.

We take pride in our philanthropy projects.

We value our belief that through animal conservation and education we can help save endangered animals all around the world.

Yes, this is the perfect coat of arms for our family. Excellent job Dylan!

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