Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Learning to love the photographer inside of me

There is nothing quite like looking through the lens of camera and capturing a moment in time. A moment that will now live on forever in a photograph. Photography started as a hobby, but has quickly become a passion of mine and I am finally beginning to let the photographer in me shine through. It is always a little scary to put your work out there for the public to see; not knowing what their reaction will be.

Will they point out my flaws or will they say job well done? 
Will my photos be as good as the others or will it be obvious that I'm new to this?

Well, about 6 months ago I took the plunge and submitted a picture for Wildlife Photo of the Month. It was like easing into the public realm because unless my photo was selected as a finalist, nobody would really see it.  

This was the result.

Wait, is that really my picture on the front page of San Diego Zoo Global's website? I better click the picture just to make sure ... Oh my, somebody pinch me!

My first photograph that was published someplace other than my own blog - with my name as the photo credit - pretty darn awesome. 

Confidence level boosted.

Fast forward a few months to last September when I entered two of my photographs into the Zoological Society of San Diego President's Club Wildlife Wonders Photo Contest.

Imagine my surprise at the President's Associates event in October when my name was announced not once, but twice. I think I may have stopped breathing for a moment.

Confidence level boosted a little more.

Now I didn't feel so bad that I was only using a point and shoot camera when all my photographer friends had fancy DSLR cameras. I felt like Sally Field. I wanted to scream, "They like me, They really like me". 

Well, ok, confession time. I did scream ... but not until after the event when I was in my car.

Now I was really motivated to take pictures. I wanted to learn more and yes, I still wanted my very own fancy DSLR camera with lenses and a pretty camera strap around my neck.

So I used Christmas money and did just that. I bought myself a new camera with a pretty lens.

Then I searched for the perfect camera strap. I found just what I was looking for at Jodie's Camera Straps and had it personalized too. This arrived in the mail today.

Now the photographer inside of me is ready to take on the world - capturing moments in time with a new found confidence. 

Tiger stripes around my neck and Tiga close to my heart. 

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  1. Great job Michelle, there is nothing like heading out with camera in hand and searching for that spot to photograph. If I were were you are, I think my camera and I would camp out on the beach for weeks!!! Think about displaying your work online like I do at Mine is

    Good luck and one day we can get together and compete camera to camera...haha