Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lorikeet Landing just got a little more colorful

Lorikeets are bright and cheerful. They love nectar and have a fairly loud chatter; especially when they are inches from your ear. However, being surrounded by these little birds and experiencing them up close is worth some high-pitched chirping. Last week Dylan and I went to say hello to a few of the newest members to call Lorikeet Landing home.

Recently thirty more birds have joined the existing population at the Lorikeet Landing aviary, nearly doubling the population from 43 to 73 lorikeets. The new birds came from an already-established flock and keepers say the new birds are very social and integrating well with the existing flock.

Lorikeets are very social birds that flit around the trees looking for flowers and nectar. While lorikeets are interesting to watch, they also serve an important role as pollinators. Yes, these birds are pollinators! The lorikeets feed on nectar from various plants and that feeding helps transfer pollen. They have a very unique tongue, with its brush-like texture, to drink the nectar.

When not flitting around the tree tops, lorikeets will spend time grooming each other.

The next time you visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park be sure to stop by the Lorikeet Landing aviary and purchase a cup of nectar to feed them. The aviary is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. daily and is located in the Nairobi Village at the Park.  

There are a few hidden gems at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park that don't always get the attention I think they deserve. Lorikeet Landing is one of them ... and next week I will share the other hidden gem with you.

Have you been to Lorikeet Landing? 

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