Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where did my summer go and how can I get it back?

It seems like just yesterday I went back to work after having the month of July off and now it is Labor Day weekend. School is starting on Tuesday ... how is that possible? How did I manage to miss the entire month of August?

July was filled with adventures like our Zoo Road Trip (yes, I know I still have to tell you about that - soon, I promise) and then it was Dylan's birthday, and we got Tiga, and then we hosted Dylan's Animal Adventure Camp ... oh, and someplace in there I guess the month of July whizzed by too.

So yesterday I decided that I was not going to let another day of summer go by without me. It was time to watch the sunset with my own two eyes instead of through everyone's pictures on twitter and Instagram.

So Dylan and I set out to find a cliff overlooking the ocean where we could enjoy a little picnic dinner and watch the sunset. This was our beautiful view of Newport Harbor with Catalina Island in the background.

After a long day of hot and humid weather, the gentle yet warm breeze felt nice.
What I thought was a large storm cloud earlier in the day decided to spread out over the ocean, which gave way to another spectacular SoCal sunset.

And so another day is done.
At least this one didn't slip by without me noticing the beauty in it.

Good-bye summer. Hopefully we can spend more time together next year.

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  1. Really good post with beautiful photos, Michelle. I completely understand about summer whizzing by so fast. I could have sworn I only just turned my calendars to June.