Sunday, August 4, 2013

My son will always come first in my life

Something I learned when I became a parent was that the needs of my child would take precedence over my own needs. I thought this would change as my son got older - and in some aspects it has, but not entirely.

I am at a point in my life where I would like some things to change. I am thinking about a career change and a possible move, which would be a done deal if it was just me. However, I have a son and I will always be a parent first. So I must put on my mom hat, the one filled with rationality, before making any hasty decisions.

Would it be fair to pull him from his school where is very happy? Would it be right to go back on promises of future vacations because a new job won't give me the time off I have now? Do I just continue down the path we are on for a little longer? Maybe make some modifications, but no major changes?

I've spent the last week thinking about nothing but the future and the changes that I will or won't make. Countless hours on the internet looking at my options. Sleepless nights with tears of frustration, followed by 3-4 cup coffee mornings. Nobody ever said that being a parent was easy, but they also didn't say how tough it was being a single parent.

Every single choice I make will effect my son and I need to make sure that I am making the right choices. Not just what is best for me, but what is best for us - for my family. Now 10 years old, my son is still determining the path that I take in life and that is perfectly ok with me.

Some people may think I am wrong for thinking this way, but my son will always come first in my life. He is a pretty incredible kid with some big dreams of making this world a better place. Making his hopes and dreams come true is my priority. I had 32 years to myself before him and in 8 short years he will be off to college - so for now there will be no major changes -we will continue down this path together. Laughing and loving every minute of our adventure.

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