Friday, July 19, 2013

Our road trip was a blast, Now back to reality

The days leading up to a vacation are almost as exciting as the day that you actually leave, but the days after you come home from vacation ... well, that's a totally different story. We have been home from our zoo road trip for a week now and I am just starting to feel like myself.

Although we made numerous stops and had tons of fun, the last two days of the road trip involved all day in the car. We left hotels by 9 am and didn't arrive at the next hotel until dinner time. That made for one tired Mom when we got home. I don't think I even got dressed, let alone got off the couch our first day home. Then it was Dylan's birthday and we got Tiga. I'm finally starting to get back to my routine and feel like I'm not sleep deprived.

As for the 800 pictures I took on our zoo road trip ... yeah, those will just have to wait a bit longer. However, I did manage to get the 85 mobile pictures from my iPhone up on Flickr. Sometimes it's fun to see spur of the moment pics from your phone.

Not all are perfect - some may be blurry (since the car was going 75 m.p.h.) - and some are just plain silly. Regardless, they are memories.

I'm starting to think that coming home from vacation is more work than planning and actually going on vacation!

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