Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time to hit the open road

We've been planning this for months now. Saving up money each month with one goal in mind - have enough money for the much anticipated summer vacation. We didn't take a vacation last summer and this summer I wanted to do something that would give Dylan and I time together. Time to reconnect after a busy school year and do things that we both enjoyed.

What better to do than plan a road trip centered around our favorite things? A trip created to check things off the family bucket list. A road trip to visit Mek and say hello to CJ for the first time. No, these aren't people ... they are tigers. Yep, this trip is going to take us to a variety of Zoos, National Parks, and the California Redwoods. It's a zoo road trip!

We started with the idea of visiting my Dad in Northern California and making a day trip from his home to see the California Redwoods - then the idea hit me - Road Trip! 

First we will go to the Fresno Zoo to see out beloved Mek.

Next stop, Sacramento Zoo so that we can meet CJ the 4 month old tiger cub.

Then we will head west, driving through some beautiful scenery, and ultimately arriving at my Dad's home. After spending some time relaxing in what I like to call "so not Orange County" and taking in the majestic California Redwoods, we will start making our way back to Southern California.

In hopes of seeing a wild condor in flight, we will be visiting Pinnacles National Park. I have heard it is beautiful.

Once we hit the Central Coast, we will visit the Charles Paddock Zoo. Sure, it's a small zoo (only 5 acres), but it's the only zoo in the Central Coast area of the United States. Really, for any zoo lover this is a must see zoo. 

I'm sure there will be numerous unplanned stops along the 101. The drive is just too beautiful not to stop. A night in Solvang will bring walks on cobblestone streets (yep, that's a bucket list item) and some yummy Aebleskivers. Along with a bit of Danish history and culture. 

Finally, a drive down the coast would not be complete without a stop in Santa Barbara. So what will do? Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo of course!

I won't be writing much while on vacation because ... well ... I'm on vacation! 

However, I will be tweeting, sharing pictures on Facebook, and Instagraming along the way so be sure to follow us. #ZooRoadTrip2013  

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