Thursday, June 13, 2013

My secret garden helps me to unwind and reconnect

Lately I've been super stressed out at work. Working for the school district means June is my busiest time of year and no matter how hard I try to stay on task, something always comes up. Whether it is an upset parent because their child missed a deadline or a staff member who needs something fixed, it always seems to be more important than what I have planned for the day. By the end of the day I am frazzled. My to do list looks about the same as when I started the day, which means tomorrow's list will be even longer.

Today was probably the worst day this week and I want to do nothing but unwind and find a way to reconnect with what is important.

That being nature and my family.

Forget about work.

Forget about the laundry that needs to be done or the dinner that needs to be prepared.

Thankfully, I did a some gardening last weekend and have this lovely little corner on my balcony to help me relax.

It's not much - I know that, but it is a start. And I feel good about it because these plants were saved from the trash when someone moved and couldn't take them along. Some were gifts that I finally re-potted and haven't killed - well, not yet.

You think the plant stand looks like something you might put a fish tank on? Well, that's because it is an old aquarium stand. One that I never got rid of thinking I would start another aquarium. However, I think it makes a lovely re-purposed plant stand. Eco-friendly and functional.

Aside from the plant life, there is a a huge pine tree next to my apartment. This is the tree where Nutty lives along with many birds and other small critters. Around me there is nothing but silence and the sounds of nature.

I hear a variety of bird calls, an owl hooting, and the occasional plane that flies over.

I feel a cool breeze on my face.

My son is unwinding in his room watching cartoons. Hey, to each his own right?

As I sit here typing on my new Samsung Chromebook (a little birthday gift I picked up the other night) I am at peace. Content with the world around me.

I can now continue my day and do what needs to be done around the house.

How do you unwind from a stressful day and reconnect with the important things?
Do you have a secret garden where you sit?

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