Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why we love urban wildlife

It's one thing to love wild animals like tigers, rhinos, and orangutans - it's another to love urban wildlife. My son and I happen to love both and as you may know from reading previous posts, we have a local favorite. His name is Nutty.

We love Nutty. He's funny - he amuses us and he never runs away when we watch him from our window. The other day we noticed that Nutty has a friend who has started visiting the tree with him. (To clarify, we have no idea if Nutty is a male or female, we just refer to him as a him because that's what my son decided)

Nutty's friend is a little smaller and much funnier. Nutty seems to just sit and eat - maybe that's why he is so big. His friend, who we have named Nutette had us laughing so hard the other day. (Again, no idea if Nutette is a female, we just refer to her as one)

Nutette first assumed the position of down low and hold on to the tree branch for dear life. She spotted the pine cone she wanted and quickly ran to it. Then with pine cone in mouth proceeded cautiously across the branch and down the tree trunk. Once safely on the ground, Nutette took off running down the street - pine cone still in mouth.

Somehow I think that Nutette may be "stealing" pine cones from Nutty's tree ... hence the tactical moves and quick escape.

Either way, these squirrels keep us entertained, teach us new things, and most of all remind us that all wildlife - even urban wildlife - has a place in this world.

What urban wildlife have you seen by your home?

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