Thursday, September 13, 2012

A tree is just a tree ... Or is it?

Lately I have been fascinated with trees. All kinds of trees, but mostly tall ones with intertwining branches. Something about looking up at a tree and seeing the light come through the branches - it makes me wonder. Is it just a tree?

I probably photographed over 30 trees last weekend while visiting a local park. I couldn't help myself. Each tree was different and the sunlight was casting shadows through the branches in such a beautiful way.

As I was photographing the trees, my son and I had a wonderful conversation about the trees. We didn't talk about what kind of trees they were, but rather what they trees would say if they could talk.

How old is the tree? How long has it been here?

I wonder if there are initials carved someplace in the tree, or if it is a climbing tree for an adventurous child? How many branches has the tree lost in heavy winds or rain storms?

Do the old bending branches hurt the tree? Is the tree sad when nobody stops to sit underneath it?

Do trees live in families like these that we found all grouped together?

These may seem like silly questions to you, but for my son and I these are questions that will keep a conversation going for hours. Why? Simple - we love animals and what would the animal kingdom be without a tree to call home?

This is a picture of "Nutty" - he's the resident squirrel that lives in the big pine tree outside our home. He has breakfast with us almost every morning. So you see, a tree isn't just a tree - it's a home, a source of food for some, and a place to eat your food too.

Have you ever wondered if a tree is just a tree?

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  1. I love the perspective of children. My son asks questions like that, my daughter does too. When I was a kid, I cared about playing, but this generation of kids think so much deeper. Lovely photos and thoughts!