Friday, August 24, 2012

The power of one

A few of the feelings that go through my head on a daily basis ... Encouraged. Motivated. Empowered. Helpless. Disappointed. Sad. On top of the world. The world on my shoulders. Strong. Wise. Teaching. Learning. Making a difference.

It's a lot I know, especially for me -  A simple girl just trying to save the world. 

Some days I feel like nobody is listening and feel like banging my head against the wall. Some days I sit crying wondering if I could have done more. Then there are the days when I get that one email, that one comment on the blog, that one retweet - Behold the power of one. Those are the days that keep me going. Keep me fighting the good fight.

I have always loved animals and wanted to help endangered species, but the day I knew it was more than just a love of animals, the day I I knew I was a conservationist was the day I saw a Blue Whale swimming freely in the ocean. Blue Whales are the largest animals to ever live on the earth.

They are beyond majestic and their size is incomprehensible even when you see them in the ocean. One Blue Whale can weigh as much as 30 African elephants - that's huge! Despite their size, Blue Whales are still critically endangered.

From that day forward, I knew that my purpose in life was to be an advocate for the animals. To save the animals. To save their habitats.

I have been told by many that one person can make a difference and I have seen the positive results of what one person can do. However, the power of one can be a very lonely place.

I was discussing this with a friend the other night and they had some very encouraging words. Yes, the power of one can be a lonely place. Yes, it can be depressing and overwhelming. But for some reason we keep on doing what we do. It's deeper than we understand sometimes. Those last few words resonated deep within my soul and reminded me that not everything is fully understood.

I do not understand why someone would want to kill a rhino for its horn, or kill an elephant for its tusk, or kill a tiger for its fur and bones, or eat shark fin soup and frog legs. These are living creatures that are massacred and left to die a sometimes slow and painful death. Some people may not understand why I am fighting for a cause that seems so unattainable. A cause that is of global reach - well, that is OK. Sometimes not understanding is how we learn.

So I will continue to be an advocate for the animals that have no voice. I will continue to fight for their habitats. I will continue to spread awareness - and when I reach that one person, the one person who says Aha, I get it now...

That is when I will smile and remind myself how great the power of one is.

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