Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday fun with Yun Zi at the San Diego Zoo

Last week Yun Zi turned 3 years old and we spent the day celebrating with the pandas at the San Diego Zoo. Arriving just as the zoo opened, we headed straight to the panda exhibit to watch Yun Zi get his ice cake.

The zoo was still buzzing about the birth of the new panda, but today was all about Yun Zi. Dylan has become quite fond of Yun Zi and even wrote his birthday on the calendar so we wouldn't forget.

Yun Zi's exhibit was decorated with several boxes full of treats and bamboo - and of course he had an ice cake with a big #3 on top. The cake was almost as big as him, and in true kid fashion he went right for the top. The decorations didn't last too long and this was the only picture I got before Yun Zi began to demolish the cake.

After breaking the #3, Yun Zi moved on to the sweet and sour bamboo box that was perched high atop a tree branch. Being the inquisitive three-year-old that he is, Yun Zi wasn't thinking about the box falling.

Well, that was fun. Now there is more bamboo on the ground for him to eat. He liked it so much that he decided to eat double-fisted, er should I say double-pawed.

For more pictures of Yun Zi and the pandas at the San Diego Zoo visit my flickr album.

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