Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taking sunset pictures is a favorite summer tradition of mine

One thing that has made this somewhat unbearable heat wave tolerable is looking forward to taking sunset pictures. I love how the sky takes on the warm colors of the sun. Pink, orange, red, and even purple sometimes.

From a sky too bright to look at, to a large fireball sinking into the horizon - Seemingly falling off the edge of the world.

I am still amazed and watch in awe as the sky transforms in a matter of  minutes.

The other night it was just too hot to stay indoors. Yes, this sounds strange, but the air was so still that I couldn't bear to sit at home. (I have air conditioning, but I am trying my best not to use it.) The Upper Newport Bay, known to locals as the Back Bay, is only a five minute walk from my home - so we headed out. Cameras and iPhone in hand, we were ready to see some magic happen in the sky.

I love how the sun reflects on the waters surface
and how the heat of the sun gives way to a rainbow of colored clouds.

As I am writing this post, I am wondering why taking sunset pictures has always been a summertime tradition.

Is it because we associated sunsets with the beach and we spend more time at the beach in the summer?

Or maybe it is because the sunsets are so much more vivid in the summer - I might have to think about this one. Either way, sunsets are one of Mother Natures best creations.

Watching the sun set over the water is one of my favorite ways to end the day. Once the sun is gone, the light reflects up on the water and everything is covered with pink.

I know the sun sets 365 days a year and I have seen some beautiful sunsets in the fall, so why not make taking sunset pictures a year-round tradition? The October skies can be quite amazing too!

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