Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy World Photography Day!

Yes, today is World Photography Day.

A day to celebrate photography and all that is captured looking through the lens. My love for photography grows with each passing day and I now find myself stopping alongside the road to take a picture.

I see things differently now - is this what they call a photographer's eye? Whether I have my iPhone or my camera with me, I see the world in a whole new way.

I see the light and how it reflects. I see the shadows and how they add depth. I see the beauty of the little things around me and want to capture them all.

My favorite things to photograph are flowers, animals, and basically anything that involves nature.

In honor of World Photography Day I would like to share some of my favorite shots.

A gharials eye reflecting on the water at the San Diego Zoo

Diego the ocelot from the San Diego Zoo

Yun Zi the giant panda from the San Diego Zoo

California Sea Lions resting on a buoy in Newport Harbor

Just before sunset at Upper Newport Bay

Do you enjoy photography? What is your favorite subject to photograph?

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