Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Veterans Day is Special To Me

Many people think of Veterans Day as just another day that schools and banks are closed. An extra day to sleep in and get some things done around the house ... but how many people does this day mean something more to? How many families are affected by this day on a personal level?

While I was growing inside my mother's womb, my father was fighting a war in Vietnam.

This week Dylan has to write a report, A Veteran's Story, and interview someone he knew that fought for our country. He interviewed his grandpa and learned about life as Sargeant in the United States Marine Corps.

Explaining what a veteran is to a child can be difficult, depending on the age of the child, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to teach Dylan more about the men and women who fought and are still fighting for our freedom. Along with his report, we visited the Lyon Air Museum where he got a first hand look at the military history of our country.

We took this opportunity to share our experience with the readers of The Orange County Register and OC Moms with an article about how you can teach your children about Veterans Day too.

Do you have a special family member that you honor on Veterans Day?

If so, take a minute and say Thank You today and let them know how much you appreciate them.

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