Friday, November 4, 2011

Is it a Slump or another Mountain to Climb?

We've all been there. The feeling of listlessness, completely unmotivated, sitting on the couch ... in a slump.

Some slumps only last a few hours, others days. My slump has lasted about 4 days and frankly, I'm tired of being in a slump. Mostly because I can't pinpoint why I'm here. What has caused me to be so tired and unmotivated to do anything?

I managed to go through some paperwork last night and create some reasonable to-do lists. I feel like this is something I can accomplish this weekend. I have enjoyed relaxing and watching some of my favorite TV shows at night. I'm not feeling stressed out and I'm not getting sick.
Then it hit me like a book in the head. Just like the stack of books I have cherished for so many years that sit beside my bed.

My slump is caused by the realization that my life as I have known it for over a decade is ending. My life as a makeup artist is no more.

Leaving the bridal industry last May was easy because the joy and passion were gone. It had become work to me. Deciding to end Shel Cosmetics on the other hand was not easy. It was not really my choice, but rather something I had to do.

People keep telling me that when one door closes, another door opens. I firmly believe this and have told these exact same words to many of my friends when they are going through transitions. However, as with many things ... it's much easier to say than hear.

My slump is just the bottom of the valley. As the mountain I just climbed and descended ends, another mountain lies in front of me. The time I have spent sitting on the couch has not been wasted, but actually productive. I had time to think. Get perspective. Decide what I want to get out of my next 40 years.

I have been contemplating a career change for about a year now. Maybe now is the time.

I feel the energy coming back to my body as my fingertips hit the keyboard. I feel a passion rising inside of me, telling me to do it. Take that leap of faith. Take that chance.

I will sit on the couch tonight, not in a slump, but this time with my laptop.


Because tomorrow - tomorrow I have another mountain to start climbing.

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  1. Thinking of you and wishing you the best! Great things are in store for you:-)