Saturday, November 12, 2011

Say It! Saturday - Slow Down

My good friend Roxanne has started a new blog theme for Saturdays called Say It! Saturday and I absolutely love this idea. (Why didn't I think of it?) The idea is to say something you've been meaning to say, or say something that you always say and want to say again. You can find out all the details on her blog over at On the Rox

Sometimes it may just be a picture that says it all. Other times it may be a phrase. For my first Say It! Saturday I am going to do both ...

Slow down. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Sometimes I am so rushed or doing too many things at once that my coffee is just a means of caffeine and waking up. It's nice to just sit and actually enjoy my cup of coffee every now and then. 

As with everything in life - Slow down, take it all in, and enjoy.

Will you join me and Roxanne with her new Say It! Saturday. Link up on her blog and see what others are saying this Saturday. 

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