Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Newest Neighbors

Today started off just like any other day. Running late, rushing out the door, grab the backpack, purse, keys, coffee ... Go, Go, Go ... we are late. We make it into the car at 7:20am, only 5 minutes behind schedule, not too bad. As we are driving out of the complex Dylan says, "Mom, is that a Bobcat?" I'm thinking what did he just say? So I stop the car and look out the window. Sure enough, two little Bobcats are sitting on top of the wall that divides the complex from the fields leading out to the Back Bay. I said, "Um, yes they are" and I put the car in reverse so Dylan could get a really good look at them. He said, "Mom, aren't we going to be late?" ... "Yes, we are Dylan, but this is worth it." Knowing how much my son loves animals I could not pass this up.

Of course this is the one day I don't have my camera with me! The Bobcats were just sitting there on the wall watching us. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere with morning mist filling the air made this a very cool experience for both of us. As I am reaching in my purse to get my phone out, thinking I can take a picture with my phone, about 10 crows fly out of tree making all kinds of noise and the Bobcats jump off the wall, back into the fields.
Bummer, no picture.

We live right next to a trail that I often run on and Dylan and I have walked on many times. We see this sign everyday as we leave the complex, but never really think anything about it. We think differently now and are happy to have such cute new neighbors living just over the barrier wall. Seeing animals in the zoo is nothing compared to experiencing wild animals in their natural habitat.

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