Thursday, March 3, 2011

God and Me

"A Scout is Reverent." All Scouts show this by being faithful in their duty to God. Some go further and give special service. This can qualify them for a religious emblem. Such an emblem is not a Scouting award. It is conferred on a Scout by his religious leader. Each faith has its own requirements for earning its emblem. (taken from

Universal Religious Emblem Square Knot

Over the past two months, Dylan has been taking classes at our church, St. Andrews Presbyterian, with his Grandpa. During this time, Dylan has learned how to pray, what God does for him, and how he can live a life alongside of God. He even memorized the Lord's Prayer. Each week Dylan had homework to do for the class and projects to work on to fulfill the requirements to earn his God and Me Religious Emblem. Last week Dylan and Grandpa completed the course and tonight was the official ceremony, complete with pizza and cake.

After answering a few questions about what he had learned, Dylan along with the other scouts who completed the program were presented with their religious emblems.

When asked why he took these classes, Dylan responded, "So I could learn more about God." My heart just about melted. Then Brienna (the woman who taught the class) said that she was told Dylan had learned the Lord's Prayer and asked if he could say it. At first he was shy and said no, but then he stood front and center on the stage and said the entire prayer with such confidence in front of about 30 people. I have never been so proud of my son. Not a dry eye from our family. 

Religious Emblem earned in 2nd year of Scouting

Pardon the glare ... 

Dylan and Grandpa

Thank you Grandpa, for taking the time to teach and lead Dylan how to follow the right path.  

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