Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Blue and Gold That Was!

Since I posted about the Blue and Gold that wasn't, I thought it only appropriate to post about the Blue and Gold that was. Last night we attended our first official pack meeting with Dylan's new Cub Scout Pack 744 and it was amazing! Such a difference from the old pack. Words cannot begin to describe the level of organization, loving families without the gossip, everyone helping and supporting each other, and the simple task of following the Cub Scout guidelines. Dylan was not only asked to stand up as he was welcomed into the new Pack, but his name was printed in the program, and the Den Leader presented him with all of his achievements he earned in the old pack.

Receiving his achievements

His bag full of belt loops, pins, and patches!

Also, there was a leader leaving and all the boys gave her a rose. On the ribbon of the rose was something nice she had done for the boys and each boy read it as he handed her the rose. Dylan's rose read, "Although I didn't get the chance to learn from you I am happy to meet you and wish you luck" ... now that was cool! They took the time to make Dylan feel like part of the Den from the get go.

Dylan's new Cub Scout friends

The Pack even decorated a chalkboard so that Dylan would have a place to display his posters he made.

Guess he couldn't stop eating the cake long enough for a picture

This poster had to explain the food chain of an endangered animal.

The 6 elements of the Leave No Trace Pledge

We LOVE our new Cub Scout Pack 744

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