Monday, March 14, 2011

Longing for Childhood

As I sit on the floor surrounded by bills that need to be paid, piles of receipts for my tax return that I have yet to file, laundry that needs to be folded, and a term paper that needs to be written I find myself wanting to cry. Then I catch a glimpse of Dylan out of the corner of my eye. He is sitting at the table drawing a comic strip about a marshmallow. The marshmallow who is about to become a s'more over a campfire. Suddenly I find myself laughing and listening to him tell me what will happen next.

Why are we all in such a hurry to grow up? To be independent and free from our parents? Oh, how I remember counting the days until I was 18 and could move out on my own. Freedom. Nobody to tell me what to do or when I had to be home. Now that I am a 'grown up' I realize that I also have nobody to cook for me, do my laundry, clean my living room, wash my dishes, buy my food, or pay the bills to keep the television and lights on so I can watch my favorite shows.

I find myself longing for childhood and the carefree days of playing with friends. Not a care in the world except for what game I would play at recess or wondering what my Mom packed in my lunch box.

Take time to be child with your child. Forget about the dishes and the laundry for just one day. Sit on the floor and build LEGO's, color a picture, go to the park and toss a ball, play a mindless video game, watch Tom and Jerry, whatever makes you feel carefree and childlike. If I can do this just one day a week maybe, just maybe I won't be longing for childhood so much and the responsibilities of adulthood won't seem so undesirable.

So again I ask, why are we all in such a hurry to grow up?

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