Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Days You Just Need To Get Outside!

For most people summer vacation is what they look forward to all year long. Summer vacation means no school, staying up late, and sleeping in past 7 a.m. I'm just like most people, summer vacation can't get here soon enough! However, I have a love-hate relationship with summer.

Summer means keeping Dylan busy all day long.
Summer means double grocery bills because Dylan is a growing boy.
Summer means making the paycheck stretch for 2 months.

Thankfully we have some great trails within walking distance of our home and we can spend the day enjoying nature, free of charge ... because some days, you just need to get outside!

The path is paved for walkers, runners, bicyclist, and even horseback riders, but sometimes it's nice to get off the path and take one of the many hiking trails. You never know what you will find.

Like this hidden spot under a tree that let us get right next to the water and explore the biodiversity of the ecological reserve ... or the flowering buckwheat that is a beautiful shade of peach this time of year.

Getting outside is something that we all need to do more often. Connecting with nature does wonders for the mind and body ... not to mention my love-hate relationship with summer.

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