Friday, July 18, 2014

Baby Black Rhino Charges Into Our Hearts

Once again, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is doing their part to bring species back from the brink extinction. Last week a critically endangered black rhino calf was born at the Safari Park and has quickly charged into the hearts of rhino lovers all over the world.

The unnamed male calf was born on Saturday July 12, 2014. This is the fifth calf for Lembe and father Jambia and the 15th black rhino born at the Safari Park.

Last Wednesday I was at the Safari Park and knew the chances of seeing the baby rhino were slim. Lembe is very protective and has been keeping him hidden among the rocks. Nevertheless, I got on the tram  ... I just wanted a glimpse of the then 4-day-old baby rhino. Well, I got more than a glimpse.

The tram driver was just as excited as we were. She said that we were very lucky because nobody had seen Lembe walk the calf across the exhibit. All I could do was start clicking my camera in hopes of getting something that resembled a rhino. I was so honored that the Safari Park used my photo to announce the birth of the black rhino calf on social media.

In a press release from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, keepers stated that Lembe runs around her exhibit with her tail pointed up, a cue that lets her calf know she is on alert and watching over him. The young calf trots closely behind, sometimes fumbling over his footing, as he is still getting comfortable keeping up with his mother.

We have been watching Lembe has she grew bigger and bigger, anticipating the birth of this precious black rhino. Words cannot explain the excitement or the joy Dylan and I felt when we saw him running through the exhibit. Both mother and calf are visible to guests taking the Safari Park's Africa Tram tour, so get out there and see this little guy for yourself. The cuteness factor is off the charts!

Black Rhino Calf - Photo taken on July 18, 2014, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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