Thursday, July 17, 2014

Playtime with Shadow

When most people think of a wolf, cute and cuddly are not the first words that come to mind. However, when Dylan and I met Shadow last week, the San Diego Zoo’s newest animal ambassador, those were the exact words I thought of.

This two-month old gray wolf pup is just as playful as any domestic puppy dog ... Playing with toys, waiting patiently for treats, and even chewing on shoes. 

Shadow really does love his keepers. So much, that he wants to play with them all the time - especially when they are trying to get work done!

Although Shadow would not make a good pet, he will make a wonderful animal ambassador. Even as a pup, you can already see the differences between a wolf and a domestic dog. Shadow has a long nose, large ears and huge paws - all important traits for a wolf. Shadow plays like a puppy, but it is important to remember that he is a wild animal.

After Shadow completes the 30-day quarantine period, he will move from the Children’s Zoo to his new home at Wegeforth Bowl and serve as an animal ambassador. Shadow will make appearances as part of the educational presentations and help to bring awareness to the public about the gray wolf species. Knowledge is the key to respecting animals in the wild. If we know more about the gray wolf, then maybe we will be more inclined to protect them. Educating people about wild animals is another way that San Diego Zoo Global helps to ensure the survival of endangered animals like Shadow.

If you plan on visiting the San Diego Zoo this month, I highly recommend stopping by the nursery in the Children's Zoo and meeting Shadow. The glass window can make it difficult to get pictures without a glare or reflection sometimes, but just watching him play will leave a lasting memory in your heart. 

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