Thursday, July 26, 2012

ZooBorns New Interactive App brings animals and children together

If your children love animals and you have an iPad or an iPhone, then you need this new app from ZooBorns. Using three of the five senses - sight, sound, and touch - children can interact with some of the cutest baby animals from zoos and aquariums all around the world.

Just like the ZooBorns website, the ABC ZooBorns app has pictures and videos, but also includes age-appropriate spoken animal facts and interactive scenes. Children can enjoy exploring so many animals from Aardvark to Zebra and learn something about animal conservation at the same time.

The app includes over 50 interactive scenes with touch activities and over 100 videos where children can see and hear real baby animals. The word association is also great because it will help the younger ones associate letters with the animals and get a jump start on their vocabulary. (The pictures to the left are screen shots from the app)

According to the information in the App Store, all videos have been screened and approved by parents. So no need to worry about what your child be be seeing. It's all G-rated.

The app only costs $2.99, which I think is a bargain because the app not only entertains, but it educates. I was so excited when I found this app the other day - My only wish is that they had this app when Dylan was younger. He would have loved it!

Here is a video that lets you see a little bit of what the ABC ZooBorns app has to offer.


For more information on the ABC ZooBorns app visit the ZooBorns website. 

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