Monday, July 16, 2012

The art of drawing and being creative

I am a firm believer in nurturing a child's creativity and supplying the tools needed for a child to express their creativity. A few months ago when Dylan showed interest in drawing I thought great, maybe he got my creative gene.

Sure, he has made some pretty good things in school, but what mom doesn't love what their kids bring home from school. It often requires the obligatory You made that for me? I love it.

So when Dylan wanted to draw on his own and asked if he could start using my art pencils and sketch book I knew it was something he had a real interest in.

What started as simple drawings have turned into actual sketches with detail and shading. He sits for hours at a time trying to get each one just right.

Last week we made a trip to Michaels and purchased a real artist book. One that would teach him step by step how to draw. What? You thought he would draw something other than animals?
Not a bad start for a 9-year-old - I love having something in common that he and I can enjoy together. 

What do you do with your child that sparks creativity and imagination?

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